Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh yeah? Well it's probably more dangerous to drive a truck that doesn't have a proper cab or windshield, and even more dangerous to not look where you're going. Next thing you know, there's a bread truck, a sudden stop, And maybe 4000 dead kids and an equally dead cat, all because they didn't just say "Hey you fat fucks, we're out of Yummo Bars(?!?), so get away from our very dangerous truck."

When that front tire makes a half rotation, they're all likely fucked anyhow.


Aaron said...

easy solution:

break check.

Matt said...

At least it doesn't say "Ice Cream Truck" on the side... okay, actually, I wish it did. Seriously... Yummo Bar? What the hell is that?

Caleb said...

Aerobar would be nice about now