Thursday, August 20, 2009

Circled: Eight unexplainable things.

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DoodleLemon said...

Wow - this is the least comprehensible joke I've seen outside the pages of The New Yorker. I've been thinking about it for days, and it *still* makies no sense!

Heathcliff is... crying...? Yowling...? And why would he be upset atop an ice cream truck? And what's he even *doing* there? is he, is he *singing* along with the music? And if so, why's there no music playing, and why would it get "worse during lunch break?" *Whose* lunch break - the ice cream guy's, Heathcliff's, or the general public's?

The way I figure it... the ice cream guy has a paper cutout of an ice cream van (which is obvious from the drawing) and has situated his immobilized facade in front of a coffee shop. Kids hate coffee, but adults love it. So he specializes in coffee-flavoured ice-cream for adults. Anyway, Heathcliff - being the antithesis of Garfield, must hate coffee by default. So, Heathcliff's crying because he isn't Garfield - i.e., he hates the coffee.

And the crying gets worse at lunch break, I guess, because... Man, I dunno. Maybe all that's available to eat is coffee-flavoured ice cream...?

As for the two gentlemen with missing limbs, fret not: Their hands are simply in their pockets. They store them there so they don't lose them (since they're clearly not attached to their wrists).