Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Nutmegs got a new TV, but Heathcliff, that wacky cat, got a-hold of the remote! Hijinks ensue as he bounces it off the new neighbor's rubber ball like nose and catches it skillfully on the rebound with his catchers mitt like paws, all while napping!

Is there nothing Heathcliff can't do?


BlueSunday said...

Not sure I understand the physics of this panel... apparently Heathcliff stores the remote in his butt.

Anonymous said...

Heathcliff is not bouncing the remote off the visitor's nose and catching it with his feet. He is operating it with his feet and bouncing the infrared signal off the visitor's nose to the TV set. Either way, the humor escapes me. To illustrate the lack of imagination and originality of "Heathcliff", the same exact caption is re-used on August 14, 2010. How this lame schlock manages to appear in over 1,000 papers worldwide is a mystery for the Ages. Heathcliff as road-kill -- now THAT would be funny.