Friday, October 31, 2008

1st Aniversary Mega Post

On October 29th, 2007, I started Heathcliff Explained in an effort to be cool and impress the ladies via my ability to mock a lame comic that spawned a cartoon I liked as a kid. Judging by the number of ladies who I've had a relationship with, my plan failed. However, I've somehow had 2,703 visitors, 6,579 visits, and 12,891 pageviews in a year, which is shocking considering that Heathcliff appears in maybe one newspaper.

So thanks. I mean it. Yea though I may walk through the valley of flea baths and awful Halloween costumes, I have endured, because I knew you were with me.

Let's see if I can keep this going for another year.


Not only is Marcy from Peanuts now the teacher of Iggy Nutmeg's school, she's apparently been replaced with a Terminator model. They have no mercy. They can't be bribed. They'll grade your awful paper with a quickness that'll make a Scantron machine's head spin.

Judging by the poster above the blackboard that shows the alphabet, Iggy is in 2ed grade, tops. The fact that he is failing enough that his cat feels the need to bribe a Terminator denoted nothing except for how pathetic Iggy Nutmeg truly is.


Heathcliff has a new neighbor, and he's a bit worried that the cat next door is a Dracula. Mr. Nutmeg assures him that he just likes his milk blood red, but if it prances like a Dracula, and if it raises its cape like a Dracula, then it must be...a Dracula!


A near repeat of the first strip I ever mocked.A day late, a dollar short. What we'll never be able to explain is how these pizzerias and delis stay in business without the board of health cracking down on them for live bats and haunted pepperoni.


A.I.G. spent it already.


xy said...

a year already?! damn, it's hard to believe. here's to another year at least.

xy said...

did you go on vacation again or something? or is just school kicking your ass again?

Bryce Baker said...

Congratulations on hitting the one year mark! Watch out for that 13 month itch, I hear it's next to your balls

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

School kicked my ass, sir.