Monday, February 15, 2010

The complete and utter collapse of the laws of science has resulted in the space-time continuum's destruction, hence why there are five more Heathcliffs in this comic than are absolutely necessary. There is no explanation, however, for the wooden bathtub that is serving as Mr. Nutmeg's boat. I'm not even sure that's an engine.


Adam said...

No no no. As the law of physics don't apply here, Heathcliff must be in another dimension. Thus that engine is actually a quite functional and efficient steam punk flying device. How else would they catch such large fish if they weren't in the middle of the ocean?

Anonymous said...

Factor what appears to be a broken barstool in the boat along with Mr. Nutmeg seeing 5 Heathcliffs, and this situation obviously points to a drinking bet between the cat & owner gone horribly wrong.