Friday, May 30, 2008

Some random, nameless people who will never in a million years appear again in this strip got lazy and decided to forgo garbage bags, throwing their garbage directly into their singular can via the window. Heathcliff makes them pay for this grave mistake, floating in with twilight and eating some of the garbage, which, obviously, always requires that he flips the can over leaving the same sized mound with the same garbage as all the other times. He then floats away, leaving the man and woman to squeeze through the door of their poorly designed house to stare haplessly/furiously at the Monopoly money left on the top of the can because, as we all know, cats that walk like humans are impossible to catch.

Absolutely none of this will matter in a mere minute though, as Pac Man is preparing to eat their house. Tragic.


Tweeks_Coffee said...

I never really noticed that all trash in this strip looks the same. It's like a pile of mush with a few bones thrown in for good measure. What on Earth are these people eating anyway?

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

Paper mache and cow bones, I suspect.

Matt said...

That woman has been in the comic plenty of times.