Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Every inexplicable thing Heathcliff has done in the past year can be explained away by his poor golf game...even the one time when he showed up to therapy in a penalty box.

Considering that somebody tied water balloons on the ends of sticks and sold them to Heathcliff as golf clubs, I don't blame him. With his cat like intellegence, he wouldn't really know any better, so taking a drive is akin to Lucy pulling the football from Charlie Brown, only Heathcliff breaks an expensive piece of equipment and looks like he pissed himself on the course.

Therapy isn't going to help much though. Looking at the giant hat on top of the bookshelf, I guess Heathcliff's therapist is none other than Luigi Mario, which explains why previous treatment hasn't worked, and also why a shrink would take an animal on as a patient.


Hampez said...

very nice paul, one of your best in some time.

i think i need to get some water balloons tied to sticks.

Mike said...

More proof that Therapist man is Luigi: The framed moustache on the wall, with the insignia of a Koopa Troopa.