Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mr. Nutmeg follows his cat around at night for no fucking reason than to crack wise about his being at a restaurant called "Le Garbage," which is French for "The Garbage," which means that Gallagher wasn't using French but is pretty much bullshitting for a "punchline."

Le Garbage has a two month waiting list because they forgot the little things: Doors, for instance. The two month wait pissed Heathcliff off to such an extent that he beat Sonja, hence the lumps on the back of her head. Also in the line are an interracial couple and a pair of clones. Still, the "joke" is that there's a waiting list for The Garbage.

I'm also guessing that Pac Man being on the scene means that it's the deep of night, so Nutmeg dragged a neighbor out there to see a cat stand in line. It's fairly obvious that Mr. Nutmeg hasn't had sex since one of Iggy's parents were conceived.

Otherwise, this is the most awesome cramming together of stock Heathcliff environs since Heathcliff and the penalty box went to couples therapy. The background city, a fence, Pac Man, Mr. Nutmeg, a random neighbor from strip's past, and a fuckload of pussy cats (not to mention the same storefront from every fucking strip), makes for a pretty awesome drinking game, minus the alcohol poisoning.


Hampez said...

i think its not night at all.

i looks like there is a swarm of ghost being lead by pac-man. heathcliff need to get outta dodge.

wilwum said...

Actually, it should be les d├ęchets. Le Garbage means nothing.