Sunday, June 1, 2008

From the looks of things, Heathcliff has had two legs amputated, and the remaining two broken and set at an extremely odd angle, the result of which is that he looks like a floating blob with orange Peeps stuck to him...and not even real Peeps, but those dumb rabbit ones.

The sight of this abomination understandably scares the shit out of a vast army of dogs, who all climb up a tree in a repeat of the pussywillow "joke" that appeared just one week ago. Luckily, Waldorf and Statler are there to tell us just how pathetic the whole proceedings are.


Matt said...

What the hell? Is he suppose to be the Cheshire Cat in the strip?

Hampez said...

this could have been done in two frames.

way to waste the sunday colored ink