Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Apparently Heathcliff is a fan of some random guy. I'd say that he's the head of the Department of Sanitation, but that really wouldn't make any sense: heads of departments don't take appointments with cats. Heathcliff probably got a BJ from the chick at the desk, despite her mouthlessness (women aren't important enough for mouths), hence his happy look. Otherwise, the balding man is just pissed: the woman was his wife.

Seriously...if this were anything but that, the office would be messy as fuck to illustrate how bad at his job he was. But no. We get inter-species erotica. God bless America.


Caleb said...

The Best. Ah Mazing.

Caleb said...

Upon reading this again. What the fuck? Is he even all that clean? I remember him taking pictures of a street cat in a pile of garbage once. That is some messed up fetish shit! He has to wear a helmet to eat hams! How clean is that? And if he needs a helmet for hams dear god I feel bad for that woman if he ever ends up going down on her... I am thoroughly grossed out.