Friday, November 23, 2007

Heathcliff decides that the best way to shrug off Telemarketers is by playing bagpipe. I say bagpipe, because the notes are clearly coming out of one pipe. Seriously, Heathcliff puts so much effort into it...he's got the hat, the kilt, and a pineapple with clarinet coming out of the top...he's good to go! The best part about this mockery of the Scots? Heathcliff's owner confesses to a new neighbor that the practice is annoying: in pissing off telemarketers (fuck the Do Not Call List, Heathcliff's owner is from Nam and takes shit from no Pakistani), he's really torturing himself. Genius!!

Also, was I supposed to not notice that Heathcliff's new neighbor is pretty much the same as the owner, with a couple extra penstrokes? Way to be a lazy asshole, Gallagher.

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