Thursday, November 29, 2007

Heathcliff ate a bucket of chicken and discovered that he gained the ability to fly. A man dressed as Big Bird with no home and no job outside of handing out coupons outside the Chicken Bucket witnesses this and questions his addiction to peppermint schnapps and heroin. I can't explain the "You Again." Maybe the man has fallen asleep at the job after a bender and is dreaming about his hooker ex-wife, carrying two children in each arm with another on the way. Maybe the Great Gazoo is telling him that he's a dum-dum. Or perhaps he's given his hallucinations a personification and is annoyed that they're causing him to see a cat fucking fly.

Also, please stop naming stores after what is found outside. It's boring. Fucking boring. And more than a little predicable. And it doesn't help, because the situations are already simplistic.

At least switch up the font.


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