Friday, November 30, 2007

Seriously...I'm not going to explain this one. The "joke" is pretty obvious. I am going to ask questions though.

1. Why would Heathcliff, as a predator who has clearly been established as sly enough to dress up like Jabba the Hutt to gain entry into a bird sanctuary, walk past two birds who were just SURE he wasn't going to eat them...just to get at some squirrel?

2. Has Heathcliff never heard the expression "two birds in the belly is better than dressing up like a fucking acorn?"

3. Since when do cats eat squirrels?

4. In 34 days, Heathcliff has been in costume seven times. In just over a month...this cat has dressed up as Super Grover, a crab, a pickle, a mouse, a baby, Jabba the Hutt, a football player, and acorn. Out of these seven times, five have been in an effort to eat something. One of them has been successful, because ham is a processed meat that didn't stand much chance. So the question is this: when the fuck is Heathcliff going to learn that cosplay does not equal food? I don't care if it's mice, birds, fish...Halloween costumes result in mass candy, NOT in mass wild game. If I have to read one more strip where Heathcliff dresses up as something in an effort to eat something else, only to fail and have somebody fucking quip about it, I'm going to fucking bust a fucking gasket.

That being said, if the cat doesn't pounce on the birds for talking smack, I'll be disappointed in the laws of nature. Sorely disappointed.

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