Saturday, December 1, 2007

Pac Man, pissed off that Heathcliff's cartoon show did way better than his in the eighties, decides to gain a measure of revenge by ruining his comic strip! What Pac doesn't realize is that he probably improves the strip, that nobody notices him, and that it doesn't work without the stupid hat anyway.

While his plan fails, Heathcliff and his bitch use their superfeline strength to build a tower out of garbage cans that they've presumably eaten out of. I have no idea how the quipping man would know this, unless he stood idly by and watched as two cats devastated his quiet cul-de-sac. His mouthless cowboy neighbor is clearly not pleased (look at those eyebrows), but left his six shooter in the car. Heathcliff and co. obviously won't be eating their garbage cans though, so he shouldn't be so pissed. It's only a five course meal. Not seven. Five.

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