Sunday, December 2, 2007

My mom used to do this thing when I was a child where she would blow me a kiss goodbye, and I'd do my damndest to catch it. She'd direct me, and usually, when I hit a door or something hard, she'd go "you got it!" and be out the door.

Here, Heathcliff's bitch is enraged that she lost a staring contest, and so blows a kiss. Heathcliff will not be one to lose his lover's affection to some guy sitting on a bench waiting for a bus on the way to some girl named Jenny's house, so he chases it. Two panels of running, one demonstrating Heathcliff's MAD HOPZZZZ (seriously, from mailbox to ground inches before garbage cans, to garbage cans, to the air...he's like a freerunner), and another showing how he gets the concussion that loses Tubby Owner Boy the game. He quips in front of a new, mouthless neighbor. In the next panel, we've got unnecessary quotation marks, and Heathcliff watching a nature show, when he clearly could have been eating bird DAYS ago. He's getting ready for the small game. Hunt. Ho...I can be as unfunny as Peter Gallagher! Where's my check?


Caleb said...

Are these lady cats all the same feline? Are they even women or are they from the Mrs Pacman school of cross dressing where all it takes is a bow in your hair and a very wide open mouth to be a woman?

Matt said...

What a whore. She's fucking Birdo.

Paul A. Rodgers said...

I'd fuck Birdo.