Friday, December 7, 2007

Heathcliff wants to get a single, solitary fish for his girlfriend and decides that the only way to do so is to "terrify the neighborhood." Well Heathcliff (Heathcliff!) does so, playing pranks on everyone. Pranks like...uhh...whipping a dog's ass. Then a trailer morphs into a car and into a boat, because of some weird, pimp hat wearing cat and his smoking hot girlfriend. Then there's a jubilee while some 80's New Wave guy spews cat propaganda.

I remember being a fan of Heathcliff in childhood...I think it was his supporting cast of gangster cats that did it. I'm sure that things could have been different though...

Oh God! Oh Jesus! My ears! My eyes! There must have been a government conspiracy to make children dumb as fuck in the 80's. It's quickly established that Heathcliff doesn't like dogs, but there he is, dancing with the biggest fucking dog in the world. Then we get a shot of Marm's face and Heathcliff's ass. Wonderful! Heathcliff starts a street fight, Marmaduke stops traffic. The animators insert children who can't believe what they're watching. Marm looks ready to rape the mailman. In fact, I think his "smooch" is a parting thank you to the mailman for a good time. I have no idea what "hot dog cat" or "pussy cat hound" mean, either. Meow-meow-bow-wow-owwwww!


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