Monday, December 17, 2007

Heathcliff can't help but make fun of a man who has a meat cleaver for an arm. This would be dangerous, seeing as Meat Cleaverin' Nutritionist could easily skin Heathcliff alive, Baraka-style, but odds are, MCN isn't seeing anything. He's probably in an acid induced coma world, where orange tabby cats heckle him for his cleaver-arm. Seriously...who in the fuck is he talking to? His secretary is CLEARLY behind the block letters, which presumably puts her behind the glass.

Absolutely nothing in this strip makes sense. Heathcliff mocks a nutritionist...but why? For what reason? Because Heathcliff is fat, and the Meat Cleaverin' Nutritionist tries to help people with their weight and can whip up a mean protein shake? If he were really a Nutritionist, would the letters be so fucking fat?

You know what? Fuck this.


Caleb said...


Caleb said...

Oh and ps you bastard! I Sent you a fucking HAM HELMET and then you deleted your facebook! I now only owe you seven dollars, or you owe me one interweb-dollar.

Paul A. Rodgers said...


(You owe me eight dollars).

Also, the facebook is meerly deactivated. I could log in whenever I choose, and boom, ham helmet back...and then you'd owe me nine. Beowulf was a costly motherfucker.