Friday, December 7, 2007

For some odd reason, Heathcliff is standing at attention for the crossing guard. Owner Boy decides to point this out to the guard, who, attention diverted, allows a bus to mow over a group of school children.

This is just a poor strip overall, so I guess I'll take another crack at re-captioning:

This one goes out to all of America's crossing guards. Useless though they may be in their stupid orange vests and heightened sense of power ("I CONTROL TRAFFIC!!!!"), they've provided a stone that many children have sharpened their wit upon, ever since somebody decided that as long as there were homeless people on street corners, we may as well trust them to protect our future. God bless them.


Matt said...

No comment about how it was "P.S. 12" instead of "School"?

That is a little progress, right?

Paul A. Rodgers said...

If anything, it reveals that Peter lives in New York, where schools ARE "P.S. #"

I'm shocked he remembered the number though. About as shocked as I am at the lack of block lettering.

Matt said...

I know the schools are "P.S. #" in New York, but at least it's a NAME of some kind, even if it's sort of a cop out.

Paul A. Rodgers said...

I wish it were in block letters.