Sunday, November 25, 2007

Heathcliff has a pretty bad acid trip, and starts imagining that the other animals (to whom Heathcliff is predator) keep saying "GOBBLE GOBBLE," rather than "TWEET" "SQUEAK" or "blub blub blub." Rather than preforming as predator and killing the things that annoy him, Heathcliff runs to French Maid Owner Lady, who asserts that it is Heathcliff's being sick of Thanksgiving leftovers that has driven him mad. This sends Heathcliff running, probably to get an ax.

I personally think that it's hilarious that French Maid Owner Lady opens the fridge to illustrate the point that it's THANKSGIVING leftovers that are the root of Heathcliff's problems. Since Heathcliff is on a bad trip, it must look like the maw of some great beast is being opened to devour him like the full turk-wait...full turkey? On Sunday? A whole three days after the Holiday? Aren't kids still starving in Ethiopia or some shit? What is a WHOLE TURKEY doing in the fridge, labeled as leftovers? And what's with all the blue shapes?

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