Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm lost. Drowning, really. This...this is just bad. This is Blackout. This is Phantom Menace. This is Plan fucking 9. The Westfinster Cat Show? West-fucking-finster? Why not just do what you usually do and write "CAT SHOW" in those block looking letters that 3ed graders used to draw when the teacher got boring?

Oh...you did. Would a prestigious cat show honestly have such a pedestrian sign? Do owners of lesser cats bring said lesser cats to these shows in an effort to have them outclassed? DOESN'T HEATHCLIFF'S OWNER FUCKING KNOW HE HAD FLEAS? Look at the look on his face. He's so fucking pissed. That's what you get for allowing your cat to beat a bottle with a brush instead of chucking his ass into the wooden tub, asshole.

Why in the fuck did he have a wooden tub in the first place? Is this secretly the work of Brad Anderson? Comics like these make me want to punch children.

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